Women’s secrets for all occasions

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Comfort is very important for any girl, especially if these are some special days.  Most often, at such moments, you do not want anything, only to wear comfortable clothes and relax all day.

To fully experience comfort, it is important to wear not only comfortable clothes but also underwear. The ideal option is Skine period underwear.  We will talk about this in more detail today.

What is women’s underwear?

It is important to start with the fact that women’s underwear is a essential part of the wardrobe. It is responsible for our comfort and confidence.

Types of women’s underwear:

  • Maxi briefs.  This is a closed type of underwear with a high waist.  Sometimes this kind helps us to tighten our belly, making it flatter.
  • Midi.  Eternal classic.  This underwear has a high waistline that does not cover the navel. They differ from the first option in that they are more open on the side.
  • Slips.  This is one of the most comfortable options on our list.  Such panties are preferred by many women, as they are very comfortable and practical.  The elastic in them is located just below the waist level, the side slits reach the middle of the thigh, and the buttocks are closed.
  • Panties-shorts.  In their appearance, they resemble very short tight-fitting shorts.  Convenient and practical.  They are also very popular among woman.
  • Tanga.  A more open version of linen.  Visually, they look little like slips.  The side parts are small thin strips.
  • Thong.  One of the most popular models that women prefer.  This is underwear that fully opens the buttocks.  They are of different types.  For example, if we talk about G-strings, they are characterized by a low waist.  V-strings have a front part that is most often made of transparent material.  T-strings resemble the back of the letter T, which is why they have such a name.  C-thongs are considered the most revealing and are held with a special design.
  • Corset shorts.  This is the underwear that is most often used to create a slimming effect.  They feature high elastic.
  • Menstrual pants.  Underwear that is suitable for women during the period.  We will talk about them in more detail.

What it is?

In truth, not all women have started to use menstrual panties yet, but this is a matter of time.  It is underwear made of soft and comfortable material that beautifully fits the body and allows you to be irresistible even during a period.  This is a real alternative to conventional sanitary products.  And most importantly, it is an environmentally friendly product.

The best period underwear can be found in special online stores.  This is a comfortable and practical thing that every woman needs.  On the site, you can find a choice of certain models, read reviews and composition before buying, which is very convenient.

You do not have to worry about anything going wrong, because three layers of protection will allow you to feel confident throughout the day.

 Now you know how to save yourself in such a difficult period for yourself.