When can you give flowers to a Canadian

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Bouquets are a great gift all over the world. With the help of them, people have always expressed their feelings towards a person, showed attention and respect in this way. In each country you can meet different traditions about flowers. Therefore, it is worth studying Canadian traditions in advance so as not to get into an awkward situation.


As in any other country, birthday is one of the favourite holidays. If you don’t know what to give, you can always choose a beautiful bouquet. Flowers can also be a great addition to your main gift. Flowers can be given not only to mom or grandma. Young girls will also appreciate such a sign of attention.


Despite the fact that Canadians conduct funerals modestly, this does not negate the fact that funeral flowers are not in demand. According to beliefs, flowers absorb the negative from the deceased, he goes to the other world cleaner.

Everyone loves flowers, you can’t give them to the deceased, but you can pave the way with them, thereby paying the last honours and tribute. You can also order funeral flowers delivery for the relatives of the deceased person.

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Dating and courtship

If a Canadian wants to make a symbolic gift, he will most likely opt for a bouquet. As a rule, men give flowers to their beloved or wife as a sign of expressing strong affection. Many guys come with a bouquet on a date to show interest in a girl.


Canadians love to arrange grand weddings so much that planning and organizing this celebration has become an independent profitable industry. And as a rule, the most popular decoration is flowers. They decorate the hall, they are given to the newlyweds, the bride also chooses a bouquet for herself, both for a wedding photo shoot and not a ceremony.

Even in the modern world, almost everything is based on traditions, starting with flower arrangements and ending with the seating of guests. Therefore, flowers are always chosen with meaning.


A man can also please his beloved on their anniversary. It is only important to choose the right colours, otherwise the anniversary can turn into a quarrel.

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The special meaning of flowers

Flowers are not only a great gift and a sign of attention, but they can also reveal the intentions of the giver. Therefore, Canadians take this into account and carefully select flowers for a bouquet. For them, each flower has its own meaning, so they proceed from who they give and for what reason.

For example, poppies are considered a symbol of victory when, like a white lily, it is a harbinger of death. It is customary to give these flowers to servicemen and war veterans. If you want to express pure love and sincerity of your intentions towards a person, then you can give him a rose or a daisy.


Thus, in Canada, flowers are an integral symbol of love, attention and respect. Therefore, if you live in Canada, then start getting used to making people feel good by giving them flowers.