Water and Wastewater Educational Courses in Canada

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The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton offers at least three great distance learning programmes for those who want to pursue a career in water and wastewater industry. NAIT courses are known for high level of training and, what is more, are approved by specialists working in the field of water and wastewater. In other words, all those who think about taking courses at NAIT can be sure that programmes offered are worth both time and money.

Water and Wastewater courses at NAIT is considered to be a great solution for those who want their future careers to be connected with water treatment or distribution, wastewater treatment or collection. But these courses are not just for the beginners: NAIT courses are also popular among professionals who want to continue their education in the field or looking for re-certification. It means that both students and current operators can consider such courses as the way to get theoretical and practical knowledge required by the Water or Wastewater industry.

There are three certificates associated with Water and Wastewater Technician Programming. The first one is Water Treatment Specialization Certificate, the second – Wastewater Treatment Specialization Certificate, and the third – Water Distribution and Collection Specialization Certificate. Each of these certificates is preceded by a theory course combined with the practice that takes place at the campus of the institute. What is more, each of them focuses exactly on those areas of water and wastewater industry, which are in highest demand in the modern days.

Courses at NAIT will provide you with all information needed to become a highly sought specialist, starting from basic knowledge and skills to such specific topics as solutions for municipal wastewater. In other words, Water and Wastewater Technician Programming covers every aspect needed to become a specialist in the field.

Since 2017, there is one more distance course offered. Water and Wastewater Level I Primer, also known as WWWT100, is the course that focuses on gaining fundamental knowledge and skills in the water and wastewater industry and, what is more, can be taken individually.