Party games and contests: how a group of students can have fun

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Murder mystery games are generally party games in which one of the partygoers is secretly playing a murderer, and the other attendees must determine who among them the criminal is. In some styles of game, the murderer may be aware that they are the killer and in other games the murderer discovers this along with the other participants. Murder mystery games may involve the actual ‘murders’ of guests throughout the game, or may open with a ‘death’ and have the rest of the time devoted to investigation.

Young people should be active and smart. This can be facilitated by games that are fun to play for a large and small company. The games are played not only by children; there are a lot of interesting games designed for an older audience.

Party games are generally played with small groups of individuals, e.g. 6-20. Murder mystery events for larger groups are usually run for numbers between 20 and 250 attendees, though events can be run with 400+ in attendance.

It is best to alternate intellectual and outdoor games. If you go out into nature, prepare props for themed games so you don’t get bored after the picnic. The huge variety of games will help to rally the team spirit and help to cheer you up.

Best Murder Mystery Games in USA and Canada may also refer to public performances in venues for events, team building or corporate entertainment, where the suspects are played by actors, and the role of detectives falls to the others.

Games in a company for young people: a list with a short description

  • Truth or Dare – the facilitator takes turns calling the person, and he must choose whether to tell the truth about himself or complete the task.
  • Crocodile – the participant must show the others the word written in the task card without saying a word.
  • Forfeits – each participant puts a thing belonging to him in the box. The presenter blindly chooses an object and gives the task to the participant to whom that thing belongs.
  • Who are you? – the participants are glued to the forehead with a sticker on which the character is written. It is necessary to determine who you are by asking your opponents questions that can be answered yes or no.
  • New Outfit – Various clothes need to be folded into a dark bag: bras, clown nose, baby tights, etc. The packet is transmitted in a circle until the presenter says: “Stop!” The one on whom the package stopped, pulls out the first thing that comes across and must put it on himself.
  • Twister – using a tape measure and a canvas with colored circles, participants must put their hands and feet on certain circles and not fall.
  • Trouble – relevant with the same number of men and women. An animal is thought of for women and men. On command, all women should make the sounds of their animal, and men in this commotion find their mate.