How to Provide Comfortable Conditions at School

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The educational environment is seen as a “third teacher” in support of teachers and parents. There is also an opinion that school is a second home for your kid. And this is true, because they spend much time of lifetime at school. How does the school environment affect the psychology of kids` and teachers` behavior?

  • The physical parameters of school spaces (light, temperature, air quality, adaptability, complexity, color) explain 16% of the differences in performance of kids. Children want to be in a beautiful and cozy place. A school with a beautiful interior is not only an aesthetic issue, but also a pedagogical one. It is because children will be happy to attend classes, spend time during space time with benefit for themselves and without harm to each other, and are less likely to skip classes.
  • Color in the school space has an impact on thought processes and concentration of attention.
  • The school affects the health and well-being of pupils and teachers.
  • The relationship between a comfortable stay in the environment and a sense of security is traced.
  • Noise affects the occurrence of stress, frustration, defocusing of attention.
  • The physical environment affects students’ self-esteem, motivation to study and behavior.

Some people may remember the feeling of discomfort associated with staying at school. Maybe someone was uncomfortable, awkward, unpleasant. Problems may include insufficient lighting, difficult air ventilation or uncomfortable temperature conditions (too hot or, conversely, too cold).

Contact experienced HVAC Barrie specialists to solve problems with the temperature regime,  Qualified specialists, for example, know the following very important aspects:

  • Classrooms and offices should be serviced by separate systems, which allows you to control indoor air quality and energy consumption depending on the mode of use (offices are used in the summer, while classrooms are not; classrooms can be used in the evening throughout the year when offices are closed, and so on).
  • It is necessary to maintain the quality of the indoor microclimate.
  • It is necessary to provide for the possibility of increasing the heat and cooling capacity of the system for a sports gym. This can be done, for example, by installing a heat pump.
  • The choice of equipment for schools should be based on the principles of reliability, ease of maintenance and maximum productivity.
  • It is necessary to make the heating system flexible enough to adapt to any layout at minimal cost.
  • Designing a complex system does not always guarantee energy efficiency, since simpler systems (provided that energy efficiency is maintained) are more understandable for maintenance people, which reduces operating costs.

All of the above is also important for maintaining a comfortable environment at your home. Opt for help and advice. Qualified consultants are trained to answer all your questions. They will be happy to visit your home for free to offer you the heating and air conditioning solutions most suitable to meet your needs.