How to make the move easy?

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It is not without reason that a lot of people are so negative and wary of the move.  This is understandable, because the collection, packaging, transportation of furniture and things not only require titanic efforts, but also involve money and time.

So moving is not an easy task.  And sooner or later each of us faces it.  Collect all furniture, interior items, appliances and clothing, pack, load everything and deliver to a new place – it is not surprising that after these thoughts most people postpone their apartment, country, office or warehouse move as long as possible.

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How to properly organize the transportation of goods, where to start?

So that the move does not spoil the picture of a joyful housewarming, it is worth taking it competently and seriously.  Here are some tips:

  • Planning is the key to a successful and fast move. Once you have decided on the date, immediately proceed to the planning stage.  Make for yourself a list of things, furniture and other property that will be transported, think over a move plan as accurately as possible, with a list or a sketch on paper – as you like.  So you will understand what and where will be in the new room.
  • Conditionally divide everything into categories. For example, place furniture and decorative items in the first category.  Household appliances – second.  In the third, add dishes and other fragile items.
  • Stock up on a huge number of them, preferably of different sizes.  Also, wide tape will become your indispensable friend for this period.
  • Stock up on packaging film or cloth for breakable and fragile items.
  • If the furniture is oversized, and the doorways and stairs are wide enough, then you can do without disassembling it into small parts and transport it folded. Remember that you can label boxes by content.  This will help you easily find what you need when you arrive at a new place.
  • Make a plan in advance for the placement of furniture and household appliances in a new location. It also saves time and doesn’t force you to do any further rearrangements.
  • Remember that the weight of one box should not exceed 30 kg.
  • A good solution is to pre-assemble several boxes marked “Open this first”: they will contain the most necessary things that may be required immediately after entering a new location. This can be a set of dishes, personal hygiene items, clean bedding, clothes and shoes for the first days, or a laptop.  Think about what is difficult for you to do without. Check that everything you need is in place.
  • In the process of collecting, you can find many objects and things that have not been used for several years. Feel free to throw them away or sell them.
  • And the most important is to find real professionals. For example, if you move in another work place, it will be good to read more how to find office movers in Calgary city and area.

Now you know how to make moving easier.